Tempat2 wisata murah-meriah di Kuala Lumpur

Berhubung kita tgl d Batam..so rsnya rugi donk kl gak jln k luar negri..mumpung dkt n hrgnya gak mahal bgt...tapi meski tiket gak mahal,tetep sj dg dana yg terbatas ini hrs mikir jg tempat2 apa yg bs dikunjungi dg buget terbatas...setelah searching2 di google,akhirnya kubuat bbrp kesimpulan...tempat ini ada yg sdh kukunjungi dan ada yg blm :) krn namanya searching, dan rada malas mencatat ulang jd ada yg tulisannya kucopy-paste sj...tp mdh2an bs membantu ya,slmt membaca  :)

Tempat menarik di KL selain mall; adalah :
a.    Chinatown/Petaling Street : Disini turis dapat membeli souvenir khas malaysia, yang perlu diperhatian harga harus ditawar lebih dari 1/2 karena pedangang disini suka mark up harga tinggi2. Di Chinatown ini juga terdapat makanan Ikan Panggang Portugis yang terkenal (waktu tunggu 1 jam) lokasinya persis didepan HONG LEONG Bank, persis disebelah Gerai Ikan Panggang ini terdapat gerai minuman ” Air mata Kucing” yang legendaris. 2 makanan ini harus dicoba jika anda mengunjungi Chinatown
b.    Jd pertimbangan :
·         Sunway Lagoon (water park & theme park seperti waterboom tapi nuansa Sunway Lagoon seperti di hutan Amazon)
·         Sunway Pyramid (bersebelahan dengan Sunway Lagoon, Mall ini didesign menyerupai pyramid & Sphinx Egypt)
·         Merdeka Square
·         KL Railway Station

The main Batu Cave is known as the Temple Cave or Cathedral Cave and is accessed by a steep flight of 272 steps. The steps are thronged with troupes of greedy macaques who will harass you for food if you are carrying any (better not to feed them).
The top of the stairs brings you into a massive cave with a high vaulted ceiling. The cave serves as a Hindu Temple devoted to Lord Muragan whose 42 meter high gold statue stands guard outside. 
T4 k-2 adlh Dark Cave : t4 yg glp..bth pemandu..n hrs byr…tdk ush ikut..krn ada kelelawar jg..
If you cannot manage to climb the 272 steps and if the Dark Cave sounds too creepy you can instead visit the 3rd main attraction, the Cave Villa which lies at the foot of the limestone hill.

You have to pay an entrance fee (RM15 for foreigners, RM7 for Malaysian residents) and cross a crooked bridge over a carp pool. Here there are two more show caves illuminated with coloured lights and containing brightly painted statues and paintings of Indian poets and characters from Hindu mythology. You can read the plaques containing pearls of oriental wisdom while strolling around the humid caves. One of the caves also contains glass display tanks full of snakes and other reptiles.
In the courtyard outside the caves you can see a statue of a five legged bull (with an extra leg growing out of its back) which used to roam freely in the temple grounds until its death from old age.
Cara ke Batu Cave :
On my recent visit I took the KTM Komuter train from KL Sentral all the way to the recently opened Batu Caves Komuter station which is located a few steps from the entrance to the attractions. The fare was only RM2 each way which makes it the cheapest and easiest way to travel. The train has ladies-only coaches for the comfort and safety of female passengers. If you take your own car there is ample parking once you have negotiated the confusing road layout and reached the entrance to the cave complex.
Untuk urusan makan: There are a few restaurants (vegetarian only being a Hindu Temple) where you can get a tasty Indian curry of 4 veggie dishes, rice and poppadums served on a banana leaf, together with a fresh coconut juice for around RM9. Lbh baik bw KFC kl k sana n air minum sendiri.

2.The Lake Gardens/ Taman Botani Perdana 
 are known by many name including Taman Tasik Perdana and Perdana Lake Gardens, but in July 2011 the park was officially renamed Taman Botani Perdana as part of an ambitious plan to transform the 123 year old lake gardens into a world class botanical garden covering over 100 hectares.

My Kuala Lumpur Lake Gardens Trail begins at the National Monument, an imposing bronze statue on a low hill facing the Lake Gardens. This monument was designed by an American sculptor, Felix de Weldon, and completed in 1966. It commemorates the warriors who died defending the sovereignty of Malaysia.

There is a small restaurant nearby, Tugu View Cafe, with a terrace overlooking the Monument where you can take refreshment.

At the foot of the National Monument is the Asean Sculpture Garden (Museum ASEAN sewkt msh 6 ngr,ambil foto dsini) which is worth a quick look. It contains six sculptures of stainless steel, glass, marble and bamboo made by artists from Asean nations in the days when Asean was made up of only 6 countries.

Next, after taking care while crossing the busy Jalan Parlimen, enter into the Lake Gardens Park and take one of the footpaths leading down to the main botanical garden area next to the lakes. You will pass a large amphitheatre (Panggung Anniversari) where shows and cultural events are staged periodically.

The gardens are a paradise for gardening enthusiasts and plant lovers. Some of the highlights include: conservatory garden,herb garden,edible garden,rare fruit, decorative, unique and forest trees,heliconia, orchid and hibiscus gardens,fernarium, cycads and bamboo collections,wrightia, brownea, plumeria and zingiberales collections,tembusu deck (fagraea fragrans) and brazilian nut deck,topiary, sunken gardendi tmn botani ini jg ada : waterfall,outdoor activity area and children's playgrounds,fish pond, rowing, boathouse, jogging paths.

Be sure not to miss the Mouse-deer and Deer Park (Taman Rusa dan Kancil). The mousedeer are cute little things but very shy and you will be lucky to get a good photo. The larger more common deer on the other hand are less camera-shy. You can sometimes buy food for the deer at the entrance to the deer park if anyone is on duty.

Next I suggest a visit to the Orchid & Hibiscus Gardens. This is a park-within-a-park with its own entrance. There is a nominal admission charge at weekends but it is free on weekdays. There are hundreds of specimens of orchid and hibiscus to enjoy here. The hibiscus (or bunga raya) is the national flower of Malaysia.

Di dlm area ini jg ada:  KL Bird Park, KL Butterfly Park,Tun Abdul Razak Memorial,Rumah Felda(The Federal Land Development Authority ),Police Museum,Islamic Art Museum,Planetarium Museum…jln trs smpai ke National Museum, t4 trakhir d Lake Garden dan semuanya bs ditempuh dg jln kaki. Dr sini bs pulang dg taxi or walk across to KL Sentral for your train, monorail or bus connections

next to the Convention Centre is Aquaria, an international standard aquarium attraction of the sort where you ride on a travelator through a glass tunnel while sharks, rays and other marine creatures glide by. Well worth a visit. Open weekdays from 11am to 8pm and weekends from 10.30am to 8pm. (Last admissions 7pm.) Admission Charges: Adults RM50 / Children RM40. Feeding Session every Monday, Wednesday & Saturday.

Cara k Aquaria via PUTRA LRT : Aquaria KLCC is a short walk from Suria KLCC Putra Line station. From the station, simply enter Suria KLCC and make your way through the underpass tunnel connecting from the lower-ground level of Suria KLCC (next to Kentucky) to the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. From here it's a 5 minute walk through the tunnel to Aquaria KLCC.

4. KLCC Park and Playground

This is for everyone to enjoy and there's no entrance charge. Wading Pool Opening Hours: Tuesday - Sunday 10 am to 6 pm. Park & Playground Opening Hours: 7 am to 9.30 pm. If you are coming from the shopping centre, the park and playground is located behind the water fountain. The playground is a thoughtfully laid out maze of swings, climbers, rope ladders, tunnels and all the kid's stuff which will keep the children enthralled for hours chasing one another or hiding from one another.There's also a shallow wading pool children to play in. The water's no more than 18 inches at the deepest and it's a great way to cool off on a hot day. Come prepared with bathers and a towel for the kids to dry off. No matter how you make them promise not to get wet, children being who they are, will more often than not get themselves wet and probably in the process get you wet as well.
 Cara k KLCC Park : you can take the monorail from the Hang Tuah Monorail Station (5 min walk from Sarang Galloway) and get off at the Jalan Ampang Station just in front of Concorde Hotel (Hard Rock Cafe) and walk 10 minutes along Jalan Ampang (one of the longest roads in Kuala Lumpur / Selangor) to KLCC. You will find the walk interesting as you would pass the Renaissance Hotel, New World Hotel, Malaysian Tourism Information Centre (MATIC), Lai Meng Chinese School, ZOUK discotheque complex and the Australian High Commission on Jln Yap Kwan Seng.
6.Genting Island
1. Bus menuju Skyway Genting
Menuju Genting Highland ditempuh dengan dua kali perjalanan yaitu bus menuju tempat skyway dan mengunakan cable car menuju lokasi yang berada di atas bukit. Bus yang anda gunakan bus bisa anda naiki dari terminal bus seperti Puduraya, Putra LRT Gombak, KL Sentral Station, KLIA Express dan Pasarakyat. Harga tiket sudah termasuk tiket skyway ke Genting Highland.  Bus berhenti di Skyway Gohtong Jawa Town Kuala Lumpur.Bus terakhir dari Genting Highlands jam 21.30. Note : Jika anda membeli tiket untuk pulang pergi maka harganya lebih murah lagi.

·         Pudu Sentral to Genting Highlands Resort: Dws: RM9.60 / Anak : RM8.50
·         KL Sentral to Genting Highlands Resort: Dws: RM9.30 / Anak : RM8.20
·         Terminal PUTRA LRT Gombak: Dws :RM8.40 / Anak : RM7.60
·         One Utama to Genting Highlands Resorts : Dws : RM9.60 / Anak : RM8.50

2. Skyway menuju Genting
Jika anda hanya membeli tiket bus saja maka setelah tiba di Gohtong Jawa Town untuk menuju Genting Highland anda bisa membeli tiket di kaunter dengan harga RM 4.00 sekali jalan dan RM 7.00 untuk pulang pergi. Waktu tempuh skyway hingga lokasi di atas bukit adalah selama kurang lebih 11-15 menit dengan jarak kira-kira 3.8 KM
Jam operasi sbb : Senin – Jumat : 07.30 – 23.00 / Sabtu – Minggu : 07.30 – 24.00 midnight

kalau ingin melihat gambar dari tempat2 wisata tsb tinggal lihat saja di google yah :)
Ada bbrp web yg ckp jls dan sgt membantu bg yg ingin tahu lebih jelas ,smg membantu :)  :

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  1. Mbak,saya rencana jj dari batam ke legoland dan genting melalui pelabuhan stulang johor baru.
    Saya masih bingung transport dari stulang menuju legoland dan legoland menuju genting.
    Boleh tolong dibantu mbak?

    1. kl dari stulang k legoland skrg sdh ada seatle bus-nya di larkin...jd dr stulang laut naik taksi ke larkin kl ambil taksi dr dlm mall,pakai argo dan harganya agak mahal tapi kl mau ambil taksi dari luar mall,bisa nego harga,kisaran RM 10. dari ZON Mall ke larkin, sekitar 30 menit..nanti dr larkin cari saja langsung loketnya,akan ada byk calo,tp gak usah khawatir,mrk gak maksa2 kok. dari sana,tinggal naik busnya dan lsg k legoland..kl dr legoland ke Genting,balik dulu lagi ke Larkin,krn ini pusatnya terminal semua bus di johor,lalu naik bus yg menuju genting,kisaran waktu darilarkin ke Kuala Lumpur sekitar 4-5 jam,bagusnya dari larkin menuju TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan) terminalnya rapi spt airport,dan dsana pesan tiket sdh komputerisasi,dr sana lalu lanjut k Genting. bus yg ontime itu slh satunya Causeway.kisaran harga bus k KL sekitar RM 30-32

    2. BUS CAUSEWAY LINK Rute#2 (Johor Bahru ke Legoland Malaysia)
      Bus No: LG1
      Bus Stop: JB Sentral – Larkin – LEGOLAND- GP Sentral
      Tarif Bus:
      * JB Sentral ke LEGOLAND: RM4.00
      * Larkin Sentral ke LEGOLAND: RM2.80

      Jam Keberangkatan:
      * Setap Hari: 8.00am – 8.30pm
      * Weekdays (Senin – Jumat): 10 trips per hari
      JB Sentral: 08.00, 09.00, 10.15, 11.15, 12.30, 13.30, 15.00, 16.00, 17.30, 18.30
      * Weekends (Sabtu, Minggu & Public Holiday): 15 trips per hari
      JB Sentral: 08.00, 08.30, 09.00, 10.15, 10.45, 11.15, 12.30, 13.00, 13.30, 15.00, 15.30, 16.00, 17.30, 18.00, 18.30
      * Return (Everyday): 15 trips per hari
      LEGOLAND Malaysia: 09.25, 09.55, 10.25, 11.40, 12.10, 12.40, 13.55, 14.25, 14.55, 16.25, 16.55, 17.25, 18.55, 19.25, 19.55
      coba buka link ini jg u lbh jelasnya soal bus ke legoland :)
      mencari busnya jg gmpg kok krn gambar di badan busnya gambar legoland..jd gak usah khawatir..jgn lupa bawa topi atau payung krn kebykan permainannya outdoor :)

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    Terima kasih banyak, Mbak.

    1. Alo mbak florenz..maaf bgt ya..saya baru buka lagi blognya ini..kemarin sempat ada masalah jd agak lama baru bisa buka..pastinya mbak sekarang sdh pergi berlibur ya..smg perjalanannya menyenangkan ya...jdnya ambil dr johor apa dr larkin mbak?enaknya sih kl sy dr larkin krn lbh dkt tp klpun dr johor tak masalah mbak...selamat berlibur ya..